Small Pond Cleaning Tips

Small pond cleaning example Small pond cleaning example Small pond cleaning example


All ponds need to be clean out at least once or twice a year. This will help the pond run better and look very nice and help out the fish for oxygen if you have them or not. The most important thing in your pond is the water pump, to keep the box clean from any debris such as of leave, mud or tree roots inside the water pump box.


The debris in the pond will clog things up and can damage the water pump, you will have a big problem with leaves and tree roots invading your pond, very quickly and it will be a big problem and can be very expensive later for you. First photo shows Tree Roots inside the water pump.


How we clean out all the ponds. First thing is remove all fish from the pond if you have them, Second thing is remove all the plants as needed only and light pruning them up. Third thing is removing all the water form the pond and start cleaning all of the rocks, water pump and pond filters out as needed. Removing all of the debris inside of the pond. Second photo shows it getting cleaned.


The best time for cleaning out your pond is the fall season after all of the leaves have fallen or in the spring. Third photo shows a pond that has been cleaned.