Landscape Aeration Tips

Definition: Perforating turf to reduce compaction by putting holes in your lawn so it can become healthier.

Lawns Aeration

Why: Lawns appreciate aeration. When plugs of turf are removed during the process, air and water can freely penetrate compacted lawns and benefit the root system. The result is healthier turf. Sloping lawns where water runoff is a problem will hold more water once aerated.

Areating Lawns

How: Small lawns can be aerated with a hand tool that is simply pushed into the moist turf, removing two plugs at a time. Once you're finished and the core plugs of soil are scattered across your lawn, they can be left to decompose or raked up.

Lawn Aerating

When: The best times are in the early Fall or early Spring. This is also the best time to have your lawns over seeded and fertilized.