Moisture Manager Tips

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How to use moisture manager, this was my first year of using this moisture manager, at first I did a lot of research on this moisture manager and I found out the different ways to use this product it was was all positive. I tried this on four of my customers lawns and it was amazing. After three months the lawns looked greener than last year by far, and used less water. The lawns looked so great that other people could not believe this simple solution. I can go on about this moisture manager, but seeing photos is believing. So why have a dead lawn?

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My customer was watering about 30 to 40 minutes a day for six days a week to keep their lawn green. Last year the drought hit California and it was mandatory go down to two days a week, so I needed to do something about this. To help my customers to keep a green lawn all summer long. I started using the moisture manager.

The first step is to aerate the lawns.

Second step is lawn fertilizing.

Third step use moisture manager.