Tree Pruning Tips

(Up to 25 feet)


Pruning trees will make them healthier and attractive.

What to Prune:

The most typical problems of an unpruned tree: crowded foliage, asymmetrical shape, and broken or diseased branches. Other reasons for pruning include controlling size and increasing the amount of sunlight to a window or to plants in the shade of thetree.


You can lightly prune all year long. For heavier pruning the best time is in the winter, between November and January when the weather is cooler and the trees are dormant. After pruning in the winter, add fertilizer around the tree, it is recommended to do this in winter as not to burn the tree roots.

Fruit & Citrus Trees


When pruning fruit trees such as apple, cherries, fig, peach, plum and walnut , the best time is also between November and January.

Note: Citrus trees such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes should not be pruned at this time. They should be pruned after January or after the freezing temperatures are over for the season.