Types Of Rose Pruning Tips

three types of pruning you can be done.

Pruning Roses

Type 1: Hard pruning stems are cutting back to three or four buds from the base, leaves short, sturdy stems about 12-15cm high. Newly planted bush roses, and it is often used for some very weak-growing H.Ts and for rejuvenating neglected roses. Hard pruning should never be used on old roses.

Rose Pruning

Type 2: Moderate Pruning, stems are cut back to about half of their length. Weaker than average stems should be reduced by more than this amount, which is good for the older roses.

Types of Roses in rows

Type 3: Light Pruning, Stems are cut back to about two-thirds of the length. This means that after the removal of all unwanted wood. The remaining stems are merely tipped. In special cases, however, a light pruning is the only method to use.